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Blogging and other stuff June 15, 2011

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So I haven’t been blogging. Frankly, I didn’t think anyone was that interested in what I thought or what I was doing. I’ve changed the way I look at it. I mean, it’s like when you learn something new or have an experience you want to share. In this information age blogging is the way to get it done.

Welcome to the 21st century, right? Technology is such a big part of life today. It’s as much a part of our lives as breathing. I had a friend who misplaced her phone and was frantic because as she exclaimed, “my life is in that phone!” With that said, I am jumping in.
Artistically this has been a very good year. I have been singing, acting, directing…I am living my dream.
You know when you have those times when you evaluate your life and ask, what is it all for, whats my purpose? Recently I had one of those self talks. I am at the time in my life where there is starting to be more years behind me and I ask myself if the choices I made were right.

Now that my children are adults, did I do the right things raising them. I hope Lord that I did most of the time. I wanted to model a zest for life, honestly, spiritual roots and personal growth. I wanted them to see that they could be anything they wanted to be. That there is no time limit on dreams. And God only wants the best for them. Sure I blew it more than once, but my love for them is without any earthly equal.

I hope that as you and I share that we will find strength, hope and encouragement. That our words are lights that shine the way into someones heart and life.

Our best years are ahead, so lets go for it with all we’ve got!
Blessings & Peace, until Tomorrow…


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