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Its always sunny in Denver! June 16, 2011

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Have you ever had a waking dream? You know where you are doing stuff, it seems so real, but you are actually asleep? I have actually woken up during a waking dream and got really upset because I was sure what I was doing was real. Then I felt silly because I was in a different part of the house, or standing at the foot of my bed doing something that didn’t make sense.
It’s like how we walk through life sometimes. The life we are living seems so real, the choices we make, the relationships that we are in. We are in a waking dream. We are not living out our true humanity. We have chosen to mimic someone else’s life, or allowed ourselves to be programmed, manipulated, processed and assimilated. We are constantly being bombarded by images of so-called perfection, if we have the right car, house, and job. If we look a certain way, are the “right” weight, wrinkle free skin, no gray hair, or back fat, perfect teeth, and straight hair that our lives would be bliss.
A con is being run on us that the creator of the universe made a mistake when He made us. I am sure I remember reading that when God made man, He said, “It was good” Sure we want to be our best, keep our weigh down be healthy don’t eat too much and all that. Don’t buy into the lie that you are not beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made. That is just a trick to keep you from living your life! If the enemy can keep you so focused on the external, you won’t groom and grow the internal. That part of you that is powerful, spiritual, connected to God and destined for great things.

Denver has over 300 sunny days a year! I’ve seen people get sunburn in the winter! That just blows my mind. Yet there are some who don’t see the sunshine because their spirit is so clouded with fear, guilt and doubt. Cause they bought into the con!

Look to the Son so you can see the sun. Allow its bright, clear warmth surround you. Live and Be the beautiful person you are meant to be…fearlessly!


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