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Make Opportunities June 17, 2011

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I am so excited! I found out recently that I got the role of Evillene in Afterthought Theatre’s production of “The Wiz”. What makes me so excited is that I went after the role with every intention of getting it. I auditioned by singing “No Bad News” I put on my best growling voice and mannerism. For 3 minutes I was Evillene! I got the role. What an opportunity!

I say that to encourage those who think that there aren’t many opportunities out there. I believe you just have to make your own. Don’t be locked into what you have always done. In the words of my friend Dr. Peggy, “Do Something Different For A Change”!

I haven’t always felt that way. I worked in the corporate world clocking out my 60+ hours as week, getting my salary plus commission. At first it was fun. I sold stuff. I made myself believe that this career move would satisfy the longing in my heart to be something else, to do something else. I mean, I had obligations! Children still at home, a husband who had just took early retirement. It was my duty; I had to take one for the team. After a while, I was miserable! I remember saying to God, “What am I doing here, this is not my life” I longed to be released, but I felt I couldn’t go. How could I go? I had obligations, bills, how would we live? God heard me. I got laid off. The shoe had dropped, now what! I felt panicked. Now everything I ever said about God being a provider and believing He had a plan, He had my back, was put to the test.

I had been working as a volunteer at my church in the Prophetic Arts Drama Department. We had done several plays and I so enjoyed the work. An opportunity came up for me to audition for other plays. When I got the first part I was surprised and thrilled. So I was acting, directing and started singing for private events. I felt so fulfilled. Eventually I will make money, because I am not giving up. But through it all God has provided in so many unexpected ways. It really is amazing.

The point is, at this time in my life I am living my dream, I’m doing what I have always loved doing. I am learning how to trust God, look for opportunities, and be ready to take advantage of them.

Work on and do the thing you love. Ask God and trust Him to direct your path.

Until tomorrow,


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