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Be Light! June 30, 2011

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StephanieI woke up this morning feeling that nervous stirring in my body. Was it the residual caffeine I had in the mocha from yesterday.? Coffee makes me edgy and interferes with my sleep. I know I shouldn’t drink it after 3, but I did it anyway. No that’s not it, what I am feeling is excitement and anticipation of the the new day. I am grateful for the do-over, the chance to be better, love more, pour into someones life, be a better friend, wife, mother, sister. The questions is, what are you? You can be what ever you choose to be. I choose Light! There is so much pain, sadness and fear in the world today. We can be sucked into the vortex of hopelessness or we can choose to be hopeful, encouraging and fearless. We can speak life and truth into every dark place and then be about being the change we want to see in the earth. We can’t do it alone, we call upon our Heavenly Father to work through us. Be instruments for His glory in the earth. Every small bit of love and kindness we show, beats back the forces of darkness and sheds light. Remember a single candle bring light to a dark room, so be Light!


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