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Art & Ministry July 20, 2011

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StephanieI was invited to be on air at KLDC, a local Christian radio station today, I was delighted and excited. The show host called me to come on the program and share my thoughts about Art in the secular and Christian community. As an artist and a newly Ordained Minister in the office of Evangelism, I was eager to share how I sense God moving in the Arts. As believers, who work in the arts we must recognize that faith and art are not separate as we walk this life out.

God is the Ultimate Artist, creator, musician, painter, dancer, gardener, sculptor and poet, etc. He gives gifts to artists freely without repentance and it is our reasonable service to give it back to Him with all the joy and passion we can.

When Lucifer was cast out of heaven, he kept his creative gifts. He has corrupted them and used them to deceive, manipulate and destroy mankind. You don’t have to look far to see his handiwork.

It is our mission as believers to, through God take back what the enemy has stolen and show God’s power and love through creative expression. “Art from the Heart of God” He is the influence and driving force in our creative expression.

God can use whatever and whomever He wants to make his message known. He can use you, if you let Him. Art has such a powerful influence on the mind, heart and spirit. I can hear a song and it changes my mood, or see a painting and I am transported into the scene and feel what the artist is saying. Hasn’t the same thing happened to you?

So many times we experience positive or negative energy from the art around us. Knowing this, we can shape and influence our environment with the art we use to surround ourselves. Every artistic expression has influence. It is not always innocuous.

I will continue to share thoughts on artistic expression and working as an actor and musician in the secular community in the coming weeks. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Blessings, Stephanie


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