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New Beginnings January 25, 2014

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“After a Few False Starts”

Here I am, writing. I want to be inspiring, real, energetic, pithy and consistent. After a few false starts I’m taking another run at it. I had to ask myself why have I started and stopped so many times. I have but one conclusion; Fear. What am I going to say that hasn’t been said by a million people in a million different ways? But that’s just it! I am one million and one. We all have a part to play in the great mosaic of this universe, each of us needs to place our piece in the mold so when the Father looks down He can see us come together in a beautiful pattern of light, music, sound.

I hope to engage you in thinking, pondering and considering your own journey. I want you to get in the game. Don’t be spectator, but a participant in your own life. It’s like that time you drove home, but don’t remember how you got there. This is a prime example of sleep walking through your life. I have decided to WAKE UP! No more sleep walking, this is a call to be engaged in your life. Dust off the dreams you had years ago that are still unfulfilled. They are still good. Do you think they were just put there randomly? I don’t. I believe God had a plan and purpose for them and as long as you are alive they can still become reality. Time, age, distance has nothing to do with it. If you are willing God is able! This is what I feed my soul with. This is what keeps me going at 50+ years old. If I didn’t believe it, I would have given up the first time I tried to walk out this dream and it didn’t go as planned. The ”failures” give me a chance to look at what worked and what didn’t. I am an artist; I’m a writer and vocal musician. God has given me a unique gift unlike anyone else, and I intend to use it for His Glory and to share the musical message He has given me with everyone I can. It may resonate with some and not with others, that’s OK. I will run in my lane and the people who need to be touched will be touched, but God gets the increase and the Glory.

My dream is to live my life full of purpose, striving to be the best writer, vocal musician and evangelist that I can be. I will continue to share with you this journey. Walk with me, talk with me, share with me. Lets support, encourage and challenge each other. We will all grow.

Until next time…

Blessings and Peace.


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