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And the winner is…… March 23, 2014

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StephanieThank you for all the well wishes, prayers and messages while I was under the weather. I really appreciate it.

I’ve been thinking lately about some of the music award shows recently on TV. I must admit, as I watched some of them, I had no idea who some of these people were, especially when it comes to the Grammy’s and The AMAs. I didn’t watch all of the show, it was just too much for me, and not in a good way. At the risk of sounding like an old snob, music just isn’t the same anymore. Its more about style than substance, looks instead of talent, and don’t get me started about the lyrics! There have always been raunchy songs. I remember as a kid and young teen, there were certain songs that just weren’t played on the airwaves because the content was considered filthy or not appropriate for young ears. Funk used to be a bad word. Now it seems anything goes. Its like you aren’t edgy unless and you have the language of a longshoreman. (My apologizes to any longshoremen that are offended) Its seems easier to use foul language instead of expressing an intelligent thought. Its just lazy! Man I sound like an old lady! Language is so powerful that words can express a point all alone without have the F bomb being dropped every 5 seconds. Now that I have grandchildren, I dare not turn on the radio in the car for fear that we are going to be assaulted by some tacky, foul mouth version of something that’s trying to be musical. There I said it! I am so sick of the nonsense. Unfortunately it is a reflection of our culture. The racier you are, the more attention you get. These folks are on the “drug” of celebrity and its worse that heroin. They can’t kick it.

But then I get a glimmer of hope, there are artists that are representing and doing us proud. One of my favorites is Lalah Hathaway. She has not submitted to the machine churning out garbage. He voice is true, lush and lovely. Her work with Snarky Puppy is amazing. India Aire is another artist I respect because she also has stayed true to her artistic vision. I know there are others doing the same thing, but you don’t hear them during “drive time” on the radio and they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. I listen to all kinds of music, but I am sensitive to the messaging not just the beat. Some of my favorite Christian artists are, Israel Houghton, Byron Cage and William McDowell. In Jazz, Diane Reeves, Frank McComb, Herbie Hancock and Kirk Whalum just to name a few.

For those of us who have the privilege and honor of sharing a verse, lyric, song we must take our task seriously and treat it with the utmost respect. What we deposit into the lives of others last so much longer that the 3:32 seconds we have. If we remind ourselves every time we share perhaps we will be mindful of the weight of our work and not be so careless. Words can hurt, words can heal. What you speak manifests into something. Make sure it brings life.

And the winner is….You! Every time you listen to a song that brings life! When you hear them, don’t forget to share them. You’ll make the world a better place.

What do you think? Who are some of your favorites? Who should I give a listen to? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, Blessings And Peace


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