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Dare to be Different! April 26, 2014

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StephanieI have heard people declare that “I am different from everyone”, yet from what I see around me, in media of all forms, education, fashion etc., the push is for all us to look, think, dress and want the same things. Think about it, TV commercials boast that if you drive this car, you’re the coolest, smoke this and be sexy, the news on most channels tells the exact same story, from the same script.
Its all very slick and glossy and mind numbingly seductive. If you dare to say something different you are labeled, and NOBODY wants to be labeled as “different”, that’s not “cool”. George Orwell the writer of 1984 was way ahead of his time in 1949 when he characterized a dystopian society where those on the top enjoyed luxury and the “working class” lived in terror. If you didn’t conform, you suffered. Wars, rumors of war, thought police, manipulation of information, extreme punishment, distribution of addictive drugs by the government, all to suit a sinister, dark purpose. How could those people have allowed themselves to be controlled like this? Its like a frog sitting in a pot of water, the heat is slowly turned up until the frog cooks. We the people, are being slowly cooked. We are accepting things that years ago would have been unthinkable in this country.

I been watching the news these past couple days and it makes me so angry the blatant lies told by power brokers, the so-called elite and politicians, for their own political and economic purposes at the expense of the community at large. They say the economy is on the upswing, health care for all and there’s lots of opportunity. Tell that to the folks who can’t find a job, barely putting food on the table and got kicked off their health insurance. If you dare speak out, disagree or point out the error, you are called “hateful”, “intolerant”, a “bigot” or even a “domestic terrorist”. Our constitution and civil liberties are under attack. What happened to freedom of speech. Is it only free if you are in agreement?

This is America! Men and women risked their lives and died for our freedom. Right now even our freedom to pray in public is being attacked! It seems everyone gets to have a pass except believers. We used to be “One Nation Under God”. I thought our country was the greatest in the world.
We set the moral compass in the world. Recent events on the world stage clearly show our decline in influence on all fronts. Why? Our nation has turned its back on the fundamentals of our foundation. A recent poll from sited that only 52% believed in God, the rest believed in nothing, aliens, ghosts, reincarnation, witches and the devil.

If Believing in God and praying makes me different, I will Dare to be Different! I’ve found many examples in The Bible that talk about “non-conformists” that believed, and shook the world! Starting with a man named Jesus and twelve working class guys. I was reading in the book of Daniel, Matthew 24, Mark 14 and Revelations that speak of the tough days ahead world wide, for those who won’t “conform”, for those who stand up for truth.

How can we stand strong in the face of the tremendous pressure from conformists? You’ve gotta know what you believe and stand firm, stand with other believers. Love. You are not alone.

This weeks posting is not my normal positive, bright commentary, but I had to say something. In the end, those who trample on others, rob and steal under the corporate banner, profiteers and cheats, will lose. Remember naked you came in, naked you will leave.

I challenge you to not accept everything that you hear, read or even see. Get the truth for yourself, do your own research, ask questions. In all your getting, get understanding.

God does exist, wouldn’t you want to know Him for yourself? What have you got to lose? I promise, if you look for Him, you will find Him.

Now, don’t go back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Until next time,
Blessings and Peace


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