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Letter to my Mom May 11, 2014

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On Mother’s Day, we often wax nostalgic about our Moms, remembering how much they have done for us and how they have impacted our lives. This is a letter to my Mom on this Mothers Day, just to remind her of the example she set and what she means to me.

Dear Mom,

I remember when I was a kid, how on cold winter nights you would run the iron over the sheets, so we would get into a warm bed. Friday nights and beanie weenie, the smell of your homemade rolls, and apple pie. The way your perfume smells and watching you get ready to go out, putting on makeup and thinking you are the most beautiful mother in the world. That time you fed the homeless man who came to our back door needing a meal. I’ll never forget it, you piled up a plate for him and even gave him a piece of cake. I dint know it at the time, but we were on wlefare and didn’t have much ourselves. We never did without, always had plenty to eat, clean clothes and pressed hair. I remember you helping me sell over $300 chocolate bars so I could go to summer camp, and going to all those rehearsals so I could be in a teen pageant . You pawned your rings so I could go to senior prom. You baked pies a play in high school Purlie victorious, all the shows, even though you got sick and ended up in the hospital. You came to all my shows, plays, pageants while working sometimes 2 jobs. You were no shrinking violet. I saw you knock down a full grown man, move a refrigerator with no wheels, turn cartwheels and praise God with tears rolling down your face.

When I was in college and hungry, you sent money for groceries. You came to see me after each of my children was born even though you lived across the country and was afraid to fly.

You went back to school at 38 earned a GED then graduated nursing school, became an RN and worked for over two decades in the operating room. Seeing you walk across that stage to receive your diploma, was one of my proudest moments.

You are the example of love, care, sacrifice, strength and courage.
We’ve shared laughs, tears, had disagreements, endured tough times and had some great experiences.

You taught me about faith and trying and not giving up. You are stylish and elegant, poised and polished. You are intense, loyal, fierce and determined. You love God with all your heart. You walk with your head held high.

These are just a few examples of the woman I know as Mom.

Your best days are ahead. Through every ache and pain, through every trial and victory you go on just being you.

Now you have grand-children and great-grandchildren to nurture and love. And pass on your Hoecake recipe!

I Love You, not just on Mothers Day, but every day.
Your daughter, Stephanie

Until next time,
Blessings and Peace