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Change the world around you by being true March 28, 2014

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StephanieYesterday I was listening to legendary trumpeter Miles Davis. I am so amazed by his artistry and was struck by his consistency. The man was an innovator in Jazz, but what really got me was the simplicity of his playing. All throughout the telling of his artistic story, his stamp is recognizable, no matter what tune he is playing. There is a certain phrasing and note selection that he used that is Miles. As artists we develop a “style”, a “signature” and “message” that is uniquely ours. It doesn’t matter what form of art we express ourselves in. Painters have it, singers have it, writers have it. The taste of music may have changed, but Miles was able to adapt and yet keep his unique “signature”. You always knew it was Miles playing. He collaborated in different genres, but he never changed his signature. He changed the world around him, he stayed true.

As artists, we should not ever amend our style, signature and message to fit the ever changing tastes of popular culture. When we stay true, we never fall into compromise. We impact and change the world around us.

I think of Jesus, he ate dinner with tax collectors and sinners, He also taught in the synagogue, He never changed his style, or His message, He never changed who he was, he stayed true. As a result He changed the world!

We are uniquely equipped to deliver the message that God has placed on the inside of us. Lets stay true to it. Don’t be distracted or discouraged because you don’t deliver the message like someone else. There are many voices in the choir, many colors in the spectrum, many words in the poem, we need every single part to bring the work to its completion.

So, go forth and create! Don’t Quit, Keep Going! Stay true to the style, the signature, the message that God, the ultimate artist has given you.

Until Next time,
Blessings & Peace